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Among the advancements in the world today are digital libraries. They provide the same resources as a traditional library, only in a digital format that is accessible from a computer. They are especially handy for students, disabled individuals, or anyone who dislikes going to actual libraries. Some digital libraries require users to pay a fee in order to use their resources, but there are many free options as well. If you are looking for some free digital libraries, you should take a minute to check out these great choices.

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ReadEasily – Although this free digital library is nice for anyone, people with visual impairments may find this site exceptionally wonderful. This is because readers are able to set the font size, font color, or background color that is most effective and readable for them. Titles are also available in HTML code, which allows for transition using text to speech software. With more than 200 titles from over 30 famous authors to choose from, this free digital library is definitely worth checking out.

FreeTechBooks – People with a profound interest in computer technology will be happy to know that this free digital library is home to dozens of titles pertaining to computer science, engineering, and programming. Using the site’s search query, readers can search for titles by category, author, forum, or keywords.

FreeEbooks – With this digital library, readers can download and read unlimited ebooks for free. With ebooks available in numerous categories, this site is perfect for any reader looking for a quality digital reading experience. If you have written a book and are looking for exposure, you can showcase it through this site as well

ReadPrint – Time magazine lists this free digital library as one of the 50 best websites. Upon joining this site, you will have access to thousands of online books in genres such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and short stories. This site also provides utilities that allow you to discuss books with other readers and keep track of what you read and what you want to read.

Bibliomania – Whether you want to read a classic mystery by Sherlock Holmes or a short story by Mark Twain, you can find it in this free digital library that houses thousands of titles. This site provides works from many famous authors in numerous genres. There are also study guides, reference books, and book summaries available for your reading pleasure.

SoilAndHealthLibrary – If you are interested in a holistic way of life, you should check out this free digital library that provides dozens of ebooks on various holistic topics. There is an area devoted to holistic agriculture, which focuses on healthy ways to raise and grow food. There are also areas on holistic health, living, and spiritual freedom, all of which are rapidly gaining popularity today.

Bartleby – This award-winning digital library provides many classic literary works to its users, free of charge. You can browse for titles using reference, verse, fiction, or non-fiction search options. This site is great for anyone wishing to enrich themselves intellectually through the reading of great titles by the most famous authors.

ProjectGutenberg – Project Gutenberg prides itself on being the original digital library of free ebooks. This site offers more than 36,000 titles that can be downloaded to your device of choice, in the format suitable to your device. These famous titles can be provided for free because their copyright has expired in the US.

OnlineBooksPage – The University of Pennsylvania operates this digital library, which is free of charge to anyone looking for a vast selection of online readings. With an index that provides access to over one million books, this site offers a seemingly endless collection of literature.

WorldDigitalLibrary – Various works from around the globe are published here, free of charge, for audiences everywhere to enjoy. The works, which date back as far as 8000 BC, are available in multilingual format so that people of all cultures can enjoy them.

These are all great options if you are looking for quality digital libraries that are available free of charge. You will most likely find whatever titles you are looking for, plus many more, if you choose to utilize these wonderful resources.

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