Month: February 2006


It just got interesting. In this corner, weighing in at…OK, it’s not really a competition, as this article, entitled Accelerated Flame Wars, explains. Not only does it explain these two new technologies, Novell’s XGL and Redhat’s AIGLX, but it also

Podcast Test

I’m planning to start podcasting, inshaAllah. This is a podcast test. To listen, click here Use this link to subscribe There are 5 distinct sounds. Can you guess what they are?

Simplicity is the new Complex

I think simplicity is SO underrated. In the software world, people are always complaining about how complex things are. Being someone who “unofficially” provides tech support for an entire staff of teachers, I cannot tell you the number of times

Netflix or Noflix, Back to Bittorrent

Apparently, Netflix has been throttling shipments of DVDs to their frequent customers. They have some type of electronic system that automtaically detects when you send back your DVDs quickly and withholds your shipments to reduce the overall number that you

Web Security

I am again battling an attacker on the web server. I’ve now concluded that, in almost every case, the attacker has entered from So, for the time being, that site is completely offline and locked out, even from its