Month: March 2006

TV Culture

My name is Abu Zahra, and I have been TV-sober for 3 years. Alhamdulillah! Yes, three years ago (also the time when I got married), my wife and I decided to ditch the tube. Before you ask, yes we can

Lubing My Fans

I haven’t been using MotherBrain for the past few days. It had a really awful noise coming from its power supply fan. It sounded kind of like a lawnmower revving up. I was afraid it would overheat and explode or

Diary of a Mad XGL Addict

I tried to leave it…I really did. Since my last post, I’ve struggled with the realization that, in less than an hour, I became addicted to Xgl. I can’t live without it. My MotherBrain computer is now permanently occupied by