Month: June 2007

Blog client test

This is a little test of the new upload feature of QTM (a blogging client for QT). I have used QTM to post my last three blog entries.

Everywhere I go, I see the same

…model. As a web developer, I’ve noticed that, although many web sites appear to have happy customers brilliantly displayed on their sites using their products, most of those “customers” are actually stock photo images from sites that sell such photos.

Back to Freevo

OK, so I spoke too soon. MythTV just didn’t work well for us. It ran too slowly on our admittedly old HTPC system (old hardware in a new case). Also, the slowness just made it unbearable to configure. With Freevo,


I’ve made the switch to MythTV. It’s not that I no longer like Freevo, but MythTV is in the Ubuntu official repository. It was becoming too laborious to find packages for Freevo and/or compile them from source. I was just