Month: July 2007

Easy Printer Networking with KDE

For the longest time, I’ve always had to go through many steps to setup network printing (both in my Windows and my early Linux days). Sharing standard usb printers across a network mixed with Linux and Mac machines can be

We’re one step closer to KDE4

“KDE 4.0-alpha2 features considerable enhancements of Plasma, the KDE 4 desktop shell. July 4, 2007 (The INTERNET). The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the second alpha release of the K Desktop Environment. This release comes

Video Podcasts

As some of you already know, I don’t watch television, but I do watch an occasional (albeit brief) video podcast. We also have an HTPC, so content is streamed to our living room (i.e. not at my desk on the

No iPhone for Me

Before anyone asks, no I did not get an iPhone, nor do I plan to. The telephone, since its inception, is the most intrusive device in existence. If I want to talk to you, I’ll contact you myself. Even email