Month: June 2008

Firefox 3.0 and the scary certificate page of death

If you have downloaded the latest Firefox 3.0, you are probably loving it and very impressed with the new features. Here is just one word of caution. In the past, if an SSL certificate was expired, not verified, or not

Google Gadget Plasmoids

When I first saw the release of Google Gadgets for Linux, my first reaction was “What’s the point?” when we already have gdesklets for Gnome and Superkaramba/Plasma for KDE. Then, I read this. Whoever you are, Tiger, you rock.

Water-powered car

With the cost of gasoline being what it is, shouldn’t a water-powered car be on the front page of every news source? “I get 100 miles to the ounce on water. I can run any water, distilled water, drinking water,