Month: March 2009

Microsoft and TomTom Settle but does it matter?

News has been circulating about the patent lawsuit between Microsoft and a company called TomTom.  Microsoft claims that, by using the Linux kernel, TomTom is infringing upon some of its patents.  By settling out of court, it seems to give

Phonon Issues

Amarok 2.0.2 was recently released, and I am happy to say that, unlike the few naysayers, I believe it is a fantastic product that will propel KDE to the next level.  I would not go back to Amarok 1.4. Now

OLPC Billboard

Drive far enough west on 16th street in Indianapolis, and you will see a billboard advertisement for the OLPC “give one, get one” program, wherein you buy two: one going to a child in a third-world country and the other