Month: May 2009

Web-browser maximiphobia

One of the weird things I have noticed about myself is that when I maximize my web browser, I feel trapped.  Now that I have two monitors, I have been trying to adjust myself to the reality that I can

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Beyond Web 2.0 and the Information Age

I can remember turning on my computer, dialing into IndyNet, and opening the World Wide Web inside of a terminal window.  My first web experience was through a text browser.  At $10 a month, that was all I could afford. 

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The Best KDE Twitter Client

You would be hard-pressed to go anywhere or even watch television without hearing some reference to “Twitter”, “tweets”, or “tweeting”.  From your cousin in Iowa to Shaquille O’Neal, all types of people from all walks of life have taking a

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How to Get The Most Out Of KDE4’s Folderview Widget

One of the most innovative and simultaneously controversial features of KDE 4 is the Plasma widget, Folderview. Simply put, it allows a user to display the contents of a file system folder within a widget on the desktop. Beyond just

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Pay for websites? That’s so 1990’s

Rupert Murdoch has once again made headlines (pun intended) by telling CNN that visitors to the web sites belonging to some of the numerous newspapers that his News Corporation owns will soon have to pay to access certain content. Instead

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KDE 4.2.3 Released

May 6th, 2009. The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.2.3, another bugfix and maintenance update for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop. This is a monthly update to KDE 4.2. It

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Jaunty on Eee PC 900

I tried to upgrade my Eee PC 900 to Ubuntu 9.04, but it introduced a serious problem. Apparently, there is a flaw in the Intel i915 driver that Ubuntu packaged with this version of Linux (the kernel). There is more