Year: 2010

Internet Explorer 6 Still Kicking?

I just discovered something shocking when looking through the statistics for this blog.  First, let me disclose that this blog is fairly new, so it is not getting a ton of visitors.  This month, however, I have started to discern

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How to Export Your Delicious Bookmarks

As you may know by now, Yahoo has confirmed that they are shutting down Delicious, one of the early social bookmarking sites.  If you are one of the few like me who still used it, you can export your bookmarks

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Sexy HTML5 Video Player

From the sexy tech department comes VideoJS, a nice little drop-in embedded video player that uses HTML5 technology.  The default player looks fantastic, and they also include look-alike player skins for YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, and more. It is lightweight, open

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New Facebook Profile Page

The new profile page on Facebook is pretty interesting. It now gives you more information at the very top without having to choose the info tab. It looks nice, although I’m not sure I like my pictures right there at

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Web Tip: Sharing Single-Line Code

Sometimes, when writing on the web, you need to share a long string of code or even a URL.  You want to emphasize that the information you are showing is meant to be typed on one line, but your blogging

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New Google Goodies: Web Store and Chrome OS

Yesterday, Google once again impressed its captive audience at the Google Chrome live event. Google is making the Chrome browser faster, easier to use, and more integrated with the user’s system with each new release. Among the new features will

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Google Chrome History Mystery

Lately, I have encountered a strange problem with Google Chrome that rendered the history inoperable.  The problem began when I cleared the browsing history one day and expected it to return to normal use. Instead, Chrome stopped recording the history

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Kno Tablet for School Textbooks

Earlier in the week, “I Can’t Internet” published my article “Will tablets replace laptops and netbooks?”  Essentially, my answer was no, but there are certain niche industries where it makes sense to move to tablets. K-12 schools spend hundreds of

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6 Undercover Linux Devices

Linux has quietly inserted itself into the hands of millions of people without them evening knowing it.  Linux and free software supporters have long dreamed of the day when people would readily adopt Linux on their desktops and laptops, but

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Comcast: The Toll-Bridge Troll

When I was a media specialist (school librarian), I used to read a book called The Toll-Bridge Troll (say that three times fast). It was about a mean little troll that would stop people, usually poor innocent children, at his

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