Month: August 2010

5 More Linux Games You Probably Haven’t Played

Linux is not known for gaming, and when most people think of Linux games, they think of a few free and open source games that are good but not numerous. Nevertheless, there is a growing pool of free and commercial

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Netflix to Pay $1 Billion Dollars for More Movies

If you happen to use the Netflix Watch Now service and love it, the way I do, it has been frustrating to see only a handful of new DVD releases actually make it onto the Internet streaming movie service.  Watch

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A Preview of KDE 4.5

KDE 4.5 should be released this week.  This is my preview of the latest software compilation of the free and open source desktop environment. When KDE 4.0 was released, it was clear that it was not finished and not ready

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When Wikipedia Displays the FBI Seal…

…the terrorists win. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has demanded that Wikipedia stop using the FBI seal in articles on the online encyclopedia, or face possible legal action. According to a letter dated July 28, FBI lawyer David C. Larson

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