Month: September 2010

5 Intriguing KDE Apps

The beauty of an open development platform is that anyone can take a stab at creating an application. KDE, which is built upon the Qt application and UI framework, is a shining example of this. A quick look at reveals

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New KDE Userbase Design

The other day I noticed that KDE UserBase has a new look. For those of you unfamiliar with KDE, it is a free and open source desktop environment, development platform, and application suite, primarily for Linux and other Unix-like operating

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The New Oracle Kernel -Old Red Hat Clone

NetworkWorld has an interesting take on Oracle’s announcement of their “new” Linux kernel, which supposedly has amazing new features not found in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which is, otherwise, the underlying source code for their own Unbreakable Linux. The

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New IMDB Site Design

Today I happened to notice the new website design at (a movie database site).  I say it’s “new”, but this may just be the first time I noticed something that’s been up for months. At any rare, the design

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Duke Nukem Lives?

This is not the blog post I ever expected to be writing, unless it was for satirical purposes only.  Nevertheless, here we are, once again pondering the possible release of Duke Nukem Forever. For over a decade, DNF (which, in

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