Month: March 2011

Netflix Looking to Hire HTML5 Expert

I was doing a Google search for HTML 5 video, and an ad came up for Netflix jobs.  I hardly ever click on ads, but I was curious to see what the connection was.  Sure enough, Netflix has a job

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Cloud Compromise: Online Software, Local Data

While some people are singing the praises of “the cloud”, and any business executive can sound cool if he says, “Yeah, we’re moving to the cloud”, the truth is: “the cloud” may not be as wonderful as people would have

Will Charging Readers for Access Save Newspapers?

If started charging readers to view content on this site, would any of you loyal readers still visit?  Many readers would likely just move on to another free news source.  That reality raises another question.  If a major newspaper

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AT&T Bandwidth Caps Will Ruin the Internet

I recently switched from AT&T to Comcast because the former was cheaping out on DSL customers, trying to nudge them toward U-Verse, an alternative that is faster, but more expensive, requiring you to sign up for at least TV service

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