Google Chrome to Get KDE File Dialog Support

This news should make KDE users happy. One of the issues with using any non-KDE apps with KDE is that you often get stuck with a GTK file dialog. In my opinion, the GTK file picker just does not measure up to the KDE one. A while back, someone added support for Mozilla Firefox, but Google Chrome / Chromium users still had to endure the GTK dialog.

Well, soon, the agony will be over, at least, it would seem so. According to a bug report on the Chromium website, the developers just added KDialog support a week ago. It will, of course, take time to make its way into a stable release, but the news is promising, nonetheless.

Ideally, we would have full KDE integration (i.e. Qt-based Chromium), but that will probably never happen. Some time ago, Nokia was working on a Qt Firefox, but that obviously never fully materialized. A better solution would probably be for someone to develop a new browser that uses Chrome’s version of Webkit and its V8 Javascript engine. Adding support for Chrome extensions would be nice too. OK, now I am just getting greedy. To the developers who added the KDialog support: thanks!

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5 comments on “Google Chrome to Get KDE File Dialog Support
  1. darkduck says:

    >This news should make KDE users happy.
    Yes! I love this idea! 2 my favourite products (KDE and Chrome) get closer to each other!

  2. They are my favorites as well. I am tempted to get a developer build as soon as one is available.

  3. Georg Kovalcik says:

    the drawback is that kdialog does not offer the option “save complete webpage” it always just saves the html

  4. @Georg This is true, but for me personally, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve wanted to save an entire webpage. In most cases, I save images or package downloads. I suspect that is the same for most people. Still, I hope they do include that feature in future releases.

  5. Steve Kroon says:

    The missing “save as complete webpage” option is a real pain. Now to save a page I must open firefox, then load and save the page there. Very disappointed by this regression.

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