Month: February 2014

Portal 2 (Beta) Now on Steam for Linux (SteamOS)

Yes, the title is correct. Portal 2 (Beta) is now available on Steam for Linux and presumably available for all of the SteamOS beta testers, though one of them will have to confirm that for us. I started playing Portal

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How She Became Root

You’ll have to know Linux AND watch Person of Interest to get this one.

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Monitor Your System with Glances for Linux

Glances provides information about your kernel, CPU, system load, processes, memory usage and more. Read more at

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Papers, Please Now On Linux

The addictive eastern European checkpoint attendant and click game that so many people seem to like is now available on Linux via Steam and other channels. Yes, Papers, Please is also on sale. It’s retro and filled with umm, immigrants.

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Stop complaining about Windows!

Do you get tired of those people always complaining about Windows but still choosing to use it? This is my response:

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