Portal 2 (Beta) Now on Steam for Linux (SteamOS)

Portal 2 beta on steam for Linux

Yes, the title is correct. Portal 2 (Beta) is now available on Steam for Linux and presumably available for all of the SteamOS beta testers, though one of them will have to confirm that for us. I started playing Portal 2 on Windows but decided not to finish it until it came to Linux. I’m downloading it now, all 11 GB. It should be finished by the time I finish work.

If you would like to join me, look me up on steam: TJ-Aich.

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One comment on “Portal 2 (Beta) Now on Steam for Linux (SteamOS)
  1. Sev says:

    I bought it. I’m not playing it until I finish my 34th re-play-through of Portal (first time on Linux!) and then I’ll be going to Portal2. Can’t wait!

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