Argh! Pirates Going to Jail

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It looks like the three men held responsible for The Pirate Bay torrent file sharing site are going to prison.  A Sweedish court of appeals upheld the judgement against them, which includes a $6.7 million judgement (as if those men really can afford to pay it) and a sentence of  one year in prison.

On the plus side, their sentences were reduced to a few months.  Nevertheless, organizations like the RIAA and the MPAA will see this as a victory, but in case you haven’t been keeping score, The Pirate Bay website is still operational, and people are still downloading millions of illegally shared music and movie files.

At any rate, all this really means is that the pirates are going to teach all those other criminals in prison how to get free movies in their cells.  Looks like the real winners are the inmates, who finally get to catch up on episodes of Desperate Housewives.

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