AT&T Bandwidth Caps Will Ruin the Internet

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I recently switched from AT&T to Comcast because the former was cheaping out on DSL customers, trying to nudge them toward U-Verse, an alternative that is faster, but more expensive, requiring you to sign up for at least TV service (if not also phone service as well).

I was pleased when I found my new Comcast connection could hit 20Mbps without problem, a speed that was higher than the 15Mbps they advertised.  Nevertheless, it was not long before I found out Comcast had instituted a bandwidth cap of 250GB per month.  If you go over, they do not just charge you, they may actually terminate your service.

Now AT&T has thrown their hat into the ring with their own similar bandwidth cap for U-Verse customers – 250GB, and if you go over, the slap a $10 fee on for each 50GB over (makes me wonder what they’ll charge for 1 KB overage).

The ISPs obviously think they can bully people into sticking with cable TV, because that is what this is really about.  They want us to keep on paying for channels we do not watch and only get because they come with bloated, overpriced packages.  With online streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon OnDemand, etc), we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, and the big ISPs will do anything to stop us form doing that and costing them money.

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