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OK, so I spoke too soon. MythTV just didn’t work well for us. It ran too slowly on our admittedly old HTPC system (old hardware in a new case). Also, the slowness just made it unbearable to configure. With Freevo, there is not really a graphical setup. You have to edit a python configuration file, but it’s just one file. With MythTV, there was an endless number of menus to slowly navigate through, test, fail, re-navigate, and continue that until things worked. Tedious! To top it all off, it never played DVDs smoothly, while they play fine with Freevo on the same box. I think Myth just hogged too much RAM.

I might have been willing to work with MythTV to get the problems ironed out, but my wife wasn’t trying to hear it. So, before the day was over yesterday, Freevo had returned.

There are also new Freevo packages for Ubuntu Feisty, and everything is working much better. Once there is actually a distribution of Freevo (which will be coming in the form of the new Geexbox), I think it will be marketable to the general public.

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