Beautiful HTML5 Video Demo

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HTML5 video will hopefully soon replace Flash Player as the video streaming method of choice for websites.  YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and others are currently providing beta examples of their future HTML5 video players.  While these demos are OK, they do not really showcase how beautifully seamless the experience can be.

SublimeVideo does just that.  It feels like you are watching an HD video from a Blu Ray drive on your computer.  If you have an HDMI out on your laptop, you could display it on your TV, and it would be picture-perfect.  Flash never functions exactly like native video, and it hogs CPU and RAM.  Anyone with dual monitors like me knows that playing Flash in fullscreen is a pain as well.

HTML5 video requires no additional browser plugin, and the webmaster has the freedom to customize the interface and fullscreen support (which is built in to browsers anyway).

To view the video, you will need the latest release of Safari (v4.0.4+), Google Chrome (v4.0+), or Firefox (v3.6+).  It also works with Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame installed.

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