Has Boxee Abandoned Its Linux, Mac, and Windows Users?

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Boxee logoBoxee is an open source media center software alternative to many of the heavily commercialized, codec-light set-top boxes on the market.  In its early stages, Boxee was only available for PC (Windows and Linx) and Mac users.  Apple TV users could also convert their boxes into something useful.  Boxee can play just about any video you download or create, as well as a large collection of online streaming content from Netflix, VUDU, and several TV networks.

The bad news is that the last Boxee release was sometime last year, and the past several months have been dedicated to promoting, improving, and releasing new firmware versions for the Boxee Box.  All of this has its computer and laptop users wondering if Boxee has abandoned them.

Furthermore, Boxee has not helped the matter with its silence, but the silence was recently broken both with a blog post reaffirming Boxee’s commitment to open source and with a forum response indicating that a new release was coming in April.

Unfortunately, April came and went with no updates on a Boxee release.  For Linux users in particular, who are used to rapid development and release of software, this may be an uncomfortable situation, especially when Boxee Box users seem to be receiving the royal treatment with new features and updates.

Boxee, of course, could end all of the speculation by coming clean about their intentions and future plans for the non-Boxee Box version of their software.  Until then, users will either have to be patient or look for alternatives (such as XBMC, the software from which Boxee is derived).  Personally, I am not quite ready to give up on Boxee, but some comforting words from the developers would go a long way.

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