Chicken or the Egg Question Solved?

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chick in some sand

According to the findings of one study, the age-old question of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” has been unceremoniously solved.  According to Metro news, a study that set out to discover how chickens created their hard egg shells ended with the discovery that the chicken clearly came first.

Their logic (or at least the logic reported in the article) is that the protein used to create the hard egg shell, OC-17, is only produced by chickens.  Therefore, only a chicken could have produced the first egg.

Now, the problem with their logic is that they assume some progenitor to the chicken didn’t exist that also could produce the protein but has since gone extinct.  Furthermore, they also assume that the first chicken did not come from a soft egg, which would not need the protein.  In such a case, the egg, albeit soft, would have still come first.

Unless I am missing something, the question is still a mystery, and no computer that analyzes proteins is going to reveal the answer so easily.

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