Google Chrome to Get KDE File Dialog Support

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This news should make KDE users happy. One of the issues with using any non-KDE apps with KDE is that you often get stuck with a GTK file dialog. In my opinion, the GTK file picker just does not measure up to the KDE one. A while back, someone added support for Mozilla Firefox, but Google Chrome / Chromium users still had to endure the GTK dialog.

Well, soon, the agony will be over, at least, it would seem so. According to a bug report on the Chromium website, the developers just added KDialog support a week ago. It will, of course, take time to make its way into a stable release, but the news is promising, nonetheless.

Ideally, we would have full KDE integration (i.e. Qt-based Chromium), but that will probably never happen. Some time ago, Nokia was working on a Qt Firefox, but that obviously never fully materialized. A better solution would probably be for someone to develop a new browser that uses Chrome’s version of Webkit and its V8 Javascript engine. Adding support for Chrome extensions would be nice too. OK, now I am just getting greedy. To the developers who added the KDialog support: thanks!

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  1. darkduck

    >This news should make KDE users happy.
    Yes! I love this idea! 2 my favourite products (KDE and Chrome) get closer to each other!

  2. Georg Kovalcik

    the drawback is that kdialog does not offer the option “save complete webpage” it always just saves the html

  3. Tavis J. Hampton

    @Georg This is true, but for me personally, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve wanted to save an entire webpage. In most cases, I save images or package downloads. I suspect that is the same for most people. Still, I hope they do include that feature in future releases.

  4. Steve Kroon

    The missing “save as complete webpage” option is a real pain. Now to save a page I must open firefox, then load and save the page there. Very disappointed by this regression.

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