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According to this article (somewhat dated), unsolicited commercial email once carried the initials UCE. That, however, just didn’t instill in people the awful picture of what UCE actually is. Someone came up with SPAM, and the world (except for those who send it) now detests it and fights it harder than the “war on terror.”

Similarly, DRM (Digital Rights Management — their words, not mine) is evil…perhaps much more evil than SPAM because people are actually paying to use it. Whenever they buy one of those MP3 players or download music that won’t allow them to, well, do whatever they want with the product they bought with their own money, DRM is probably in effect. But if it were only about music, I wouldn’t care. What scares me is that it has spread to movies, software, hardware, and electronics.

Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation has proposed an acronym that would more appropriately describe DRM: Cancellation, Restriction And Punishment or CRAP. Now, let us join hands and flush the CRAP down the toilet.

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