Duke Nukem Lives?

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DNF coverThis is not the blog post I ever expected to be writing, unless it was for satirical purposes only.  Nevertheless, here we are, once again pondering the possible release of Duke Nukem Forever.

For over a decade, DNF (which, in the sports world, stands for Did Not Finish) has provided good material for geeky comedians and has provided nothing but heartache for gamer fans of the series.

When 3D Realms, the makers of Duke Nukem 3D, file bankruptcy, following their rather extended vacation for actually making games, most believed they could finally close the book on Duke Nukem Forever.

Since then, Gearbox has acquired the rights to the franchise, and they demoed an actual playable XBOX 360 level of the game at PAX.  Crazy, right?  Go take a look at the video and see for yourself.  As Duke Nukem himself would say, “Ah, so there IS life after death”.

The game promises to be more crude and violent than ever before, while also providing pretty decent graphics and interactive gameplay, including a multiplayer version.

Despite these claims and despite the video footage confirming them, I am still skeptical.  Until I have the box in my hand, Duke Nukem Forever remains a myth

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