Easy Printer Networking with KDE

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For the longest time, I’ve always had to go through many steps to setup network printing (both in my Windows and my early Linux days). Sharing standard usb printers across a network mixed with Linux and Mac machines can be a pain in the samba.

Fortunately, KDE has an easy two-step solution that should work for any machines that can pickup CUPS shared network printers. This should only be used on a network where you don’t mind ANYONE on that network printing to your printer.

Open KDE Control Center (kcontrol).

Click Administration mode and enter your root password

Click “Printer Server”

Check “Access printers on the local network” and “Share printers on the local network.”

Close Control Center.

On the other computers in your house or office, any printers attached to the first computer should automatically see your printers and allow you to print to them. If, for some reason, they do not, simply open kcontrol and make sure “Access printers on the local network” is checked.

For Macs, you might need to search for the printer and add it.

For MS Windows, as far as I know, you will probably need samba running in order to see the networked printers, but perhaps someone who actually has Windows can either confirm or deny this for me.

That’s all there is to it. Easy printer networking!

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