My Book, The Golden Scrolls, on the Kindle

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This post is a shameless self promotion. In case you did not know I wrote fiction, my book, The Golden Scrolls, is available on the Kindle for only $2.99. Even if you do not have a Kindle device, you can read it using a Kindle app on your phone, on your PC, or even in a web browser with the Kindle Cloud Reader. You can also borrow my book through the Kindle’s lending library for FREE.


A myth or a prophecy? As unspeakable evil lurks, can the Golden Scrolls restore a fallen civilization?

The Golden Scrolls, Kindle Edition

Storyteller? The fate of civilization depends upon the courage and faith of a boy. Is he the Chosen One?

Fuad, a young boy from the kingdom of Cor, must leave his home to travel the Known World in search of the legend his heart believes to be true. The Golden Scrolls, written thousands of years ago, could hold the answers to the mysterious darkness that has been consuming kingdoms, with Cor in its path. But is the legend true or simply another fable of the renowned

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