Google has a web browser

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There’s all kinds of reasons why this might be a bad idea, but hopefully, if Google stays true to their roots, it will just be healthy competition.

The new Google web browser called Google Chrome, is currently available for download for Windows and will soon (we are told) be available for Linux and Mac OS X.

What could possibly go wrong you ask? Think Internet Explorer and ActiveX back in the 90s. When you already dictate a big chunk of the web, providing the browser to view can become a self-serving activity. Imagine opening Firefox and navigating to the new Google Music site (not saying there really is or will be one) and you get a nice little message stating, “We’re sorry, but this website is only viewable with Google Chrome 2.0 or later.”

As I mentioned, however, Google tends to be more open than that, but stranger things have happened. By the way, the new browser engine is based on Webkit, which is based on KHTML, which comes from KDE, which is free and open source software.

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