I might be a geek

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Ah, another 2-week vacation. Time for a silly post:

I think I might be a geek. Tell me what you think. Be honest.

1. We have 5 computers and only one television.
2. My toddler has an iMac.
3. I name my computers.
4. I have a server (in some remote location) hosting this web site and about 50 others.
5. All of my computers have Linux on them, even my wife’s and daughter’s.
6. My wife and I sometimes chat with each other online (while we’re sitting right next to each other on our computers).
7. When I want to take something upstairs, I type “fish://” and click and drag it.
8. Sometimes, in the middle of web designing or writing, I forget to eat.
9. The phrase, “httpd dead but pid file exists” actually means something to me.
10. My daughter cannot read but she can open Xine, start Dora the Explorer, maximize it to full screen, and turn up the volume.
11. When I go over someone’s house I ask for their WEP key.
12. If someone asks me if I’ve caught the latest virus that’s been going around, I reply, “No, I run Linux.”
13. Apple is not food. A thread is not a piece of string. A child process has nothing to do with kids. And I can assure you that fsck is actually good and is not a cute way to write a curse word.

So, does that make me a geek?

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  1. taubah

    Subhanna’Allah, what is really sad is that all of this is true…. man I married a geek. Well, mommy always said that’s the best kind of man to marry LOL. Sounds like our whole family is too! LOL

  2. hamesha

    one has to read only until number four… everything after that makes you a superlative version of a geek… !

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