Internet Explorer 6 Still Kicking?

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I just discovered something shocking when looking through the statistics for this blog.  First, let me disclose that this blog is fairly new, so it is not getting a ton of visitors.  This month, however, I have started to discern trends, and one of them left me puzzled.

6.9% of visitors to this site are still using Internet Explorer 6.  With IE7 now a few years old, IE8 coming with most new Windows installations, and IE9 on the way, this to me is shocking, particularly when alternative browsers like Firefox and Chrome are available.

As a Linux user, updating to the latest browser version is something I do as part of a normal system update.  Windows users, however, are often in businesses and places where they are forced to use whatever the company has installed.  I can only guess that many of them refuse to let IE6 die.  With all of its security problems, poor standards compliance, and slow functionality, I feel for that sad 6.9 percent.

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  1. Drew Hammond

    I have closer a similar percentage of IE6 users remaining spread out between all of my websites. It could be perhaps that my websites target a considerably older demographic who are less likely to upgrade their browsers themselves but it’s crazy that Microsoft hasn’t required people to upgrade yet.

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