It’s Official

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You can now go to, purchase, and download movies or TV shows…but only if you have Microsoft Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and you live in the United States.

Now, help me understand the point of this. The motion picture industry supposedly wants to make legal downloads attractive to current illegal torrent downloaders, yet they seemed to have missed the mark yet again.

We don’t need another Windows/US-only download site. Plenty already exist (Movielink and CinemaNow for movies, and Google Video for TV shows, among others). What would have been revolutionary would be a multiplatform downloading system with open standards (oh wait, isn’t that what Bittorrent is supposed to be?).

So, anyway, people who live in Malaysia and want to see the latest episode of Stargate SG-1 can still use Bittorrent to download it…for free.

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