Jupiter, Netbooks, and Super Hybrid Engines

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Girl modeling hybrid engine

One of the unique features of the Asus Eee PC is a function called Super Hybrid Engine (or what I like to call SHE) , which I’m told has nothing to do with the hybrid engine pictured above. On a Windows-powered machine, simply press Fn+Space to send your Eee PC into super speed (High Performance) or ludicrous speed (Maximum Performance).  When on battery power, it offers a PowerSave mode just like other power managers.  With maximum performance, you can actually squeeze smooth 1080p HD video (even with Flash) out of certain models like my 1201n.

If you happen to have something other than Windows running on your Eee PC, you have pretty much been out of luck…until now.  Jupiter, originally designed for Aurora, is a little Linux tool that gives you back the functionality Windows kept for itself.

Jupiter also gives you handy functionality like toggle settings for the touchpad, WiFi, bluetooth, screen rotation, external monitor support, and display resolution.  Best of all, Jupiter will remember your performance settings when you plug up or unplug your netbook, and it works with other netbooks besides Eee PCs.

Jupiter is free and open source and available for download from the project’s website.

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