KDE 4.4 and Tabbed Windows

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KDE logo blue background with white KKDE 4.4 Beta 1 has been released, and the talk of the town is the new “tabbed windows” feature. They completely slipped this one past me. I didn’t even know anyone was working on it. Anyway, it is exactly what the name implies: the ability to have multiple windows all tabbed in one window. You can even drag one window onto another window’s row of tabs.

As a writer, I have long wished for tabbed word processing (outside of Google Docs), and now that will be possible with this KWin feature.

  1. AnT

    Extremely useful feature. I guess this alone will finally push me to switch from Gnome to KDE (well with the help of much better look and nice KDE apps). I definitely have to try KDE again when version 4.4 comes out. This time I’ll probably stay as I almost did when trying 4.2 (I didn’t have time for 4.3 but now I just wait for 4.4).

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