Kno Tablet for School Textbooks

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Kno textbook, notes, and web browser in a tablet

Earlier in the week, “I Can’t Internet” published my article “Will tablets replace laptops and netbooks?”  Essentially, my answer was no, but there are certain niche industries where it makes sense to move to tablets.

K-12 schools spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on textbooks.  Some charge rentals fees for students, but many urban schools lend textbooks to students and never get back the money they lose when their students’ dogs invariably eat their textbooks.

Kno has a possible solution:  a tablet that displays textbooks.   The initial cost is pretty high with the Kno single screen costing $599 and the awesome-looking dual screen that opens like a book costing $899.  But the textbooks cost significantly less, meaning schools will eventually save more in the long run.  Of course, seeing as how schools can barely afford to pay teachers right now, it is doubtful if they would be willing to make the initial investment.

Nevertheless, I can imagine savings across the board.  Having worked in schools for 8 years, I know how much a school spends just on paper.  Teachers run copies of everything.  I’m talking stacks and stacks of paper each day, trees dying left and right.  If they could consolidate assignments, notes, and more onto tablets, imagine the savings.

The tablet includes the following apps: Reader (for reading books, obviously), Notebook, and Browser (for visiting inappropriate sites while the teacher is lecturing), with the capability of adding future apps.

The best part of all is that the Kno runs Ubuntu Linux and uses a Webkit-based browser, so you can add it to my previous list of Linux-based gadgets.

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