Linux PC’s minding their G’s and E’s

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Looking to ditch Windows and jump into the Linux world but afraid to try installing it yourself?  Looking for an ultra-portable laptop that happens to be extremely small and cute?  Perhaps you’re in the market for an EeePC from ASUS.

That’s “Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play” in case you were wondering.

And if you’d prefer a quiet, cute, energy-efficient desktop PC, check out the newly released gPC from Everex, running the new gOS (I’m not making this up).  Did I mention they’re both inexpensive?

(Note: I am in no way promoting either of these products.  If they crash, burn, and destroy your data, please complain to the companies that sell them.  I am, however, promoting free and open source software.  Discover it, Use it, Share it.  [umm, DUS!])

Honestly, they both look like something ideal for children.  They’re not going to cost you a lot, but you can still provide your kids with something fun and easy to use.  I’m considering getting the EeePC for my wife who has been anxiously desiring to get a new desktop PC.  I will NOT, however, buy it from Wal-mart, no matter how green it is.

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