Lubing My Fans

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I haven’t been using MotherBrain for the past few days. It had a really awful noise coming from its power supply fan. It sounded kind of like a lawnmower revving up. I was afraid it would overheat and explode or something. So, I turned it off for a couple of days until I had a solution.

I really didn’t know what to do at first, but then I decided that it probably needed some oil. Enter Joann fabric store and their magical sewing machine oil (which was 40% off). A couple of drops on the bottom where the thingamajig that the fan spins around is located (you have to take apart your power supply to do this — please remember where all the parts go. Don’t e-mail me and expect me to be able to tell you), and poof! It’s now purring like a kitty…a cute kitty.

It’s so nice to be back on MotherBrain, and back with XGL. Long live MotherBrain…inshaAllah.

Note: You must use high grade sewing machine oil or something that can handle high-speed fans. WD-40 will not work. Happy lubing 🙂

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