New Video (Laila and Zahra)

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Zahra and Laila togetherI forgot to mention that I posted a new video of Zahra and Laila together at our house. They are very cute in the way they interact with one another. By the way, the woman in the video is not my wife. She’s her sister, who looks just like her. Even I get confused sometimes. 🙂

Umm Zahra filmed the video with our new Samsung SCD-353 DVC camera. It’s a pretty nice, mid-range digital camcorder that only cost me $160 (Amazon has it listed for $311.99 — I got it refurbished). Anyway, I had to use Mac OS X to do the video editing. Yes, sad but true. But iMovie (the Apple program I used) doesn’t export to any usable format besides Quicktime. So, I then had to use FFMPEG to convert it to mpeg format, which is what you’ll see. Unfortunately, there is no working video editing software for Linux PPC (Kino has some powerpc bugs), and I only have a firewire port on the laptop.

I ordered a $10 firewire card for MotherBrain (my desktop), that should be powerful enough to run Cinelerra, which is much more powerful than iMovie.

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