No iPhone for Me

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Anti-iPhoneBefore anyone asks, no I did not get an iPhone, nor do I plan to. The telephone, since its inception, is the most intrusive device in existence. If I want to talk to you, I’ll contact you myself. Even email is not as intrusive. I can answer my email whenever I want. With a phone, people expect to be able to contact you wherever you are, whenever they want.

I do have a mobile phone…a cheap one, just so my wife can contact me wherever I am, whenever she wants. That is her right, not yours.

As for the other features on the iPhone, well, my computer can do more on a bigger screen. And of course, the software on my computer is free and open source.

Now, just for the heck of it, I hereby initiate the anti-iPhone movement.

  1. taubah

    that’s weird that I missed this post… I didn’t see it at all.

    But more power to the anti-iphone… can I join LOL?

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