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I’ve made the switch to MythTV. It’s not that I no longer like Freevo, but MythTV is in the Ubuntu official repository. It was becoming too laborious to find packages for Freevo and/or compile them from source. I was just getting too many little python errors here and there. After upgrading to Feisty, Freevo seemed to break beyond repair.

So far, everything with MythTV seems to be going well, but I have a lot of things to fine tune (mainly related to my remote control). I’ll post my results when it’s 100% perfect, inshaAllah.


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World of PadmanI very rarely promote video games, but I just found a great free one. It’s called World of Padman. It was originally a Quake 3 add-on map that eventually became its own stand-alone game. And boy is it ever fun. The premise is that you are apparently small blue smurf-like creatures in a the real (normal-sized world). As such, the beatifully rendered worlds are extra large. Imagine hopping onto a kitchen counter, hiding behind a toaster, and then blasting your wife (sorry Taubah). It’s not bloody or anything like that. The weapons are all quite silly.

Padman is available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and yes, even Windows. The source-code is released under GNU GPL.

Dell to Serve Ubuntu to the Masses

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Dell’s Ubuntu banner

Yes, that is a Dell computer, and no I did not doctor this image. You can find it on the Dell website. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Dell has officially announced that they intend to start selling computers with Ubuntu Linux installed. Meanwhile, I’m starting my next book entitled The Decline and Fall of the Microsoft Empire.

Resurrecting MedIslam

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Medislam screenshot

I’m currently redesigning It’s still in the early stages, but I thought it would be good to tell everyone so that I could get some feedback. So, please look at it and leave your comments.

For those who don’t know, was a medical information site for Muslims. Several Muslim doctors answered hundreds of questions from Muslims all over the world…that is, until I hosed it during our server upgrade. The old database survived, but the template was mashed to bits. The lead doctor has been very patient while I try to sort through the mess. I’d like to get it up and running by next week, inshaAllah. This version is running Joomla.

KDE4 Update

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As I mentioned, a lot of my free software related posts will now be at Here is my latest update on KDE4:

A lot of talk has been circulating recently about KDE4, as developers inch closer to settling on a release date. Here are some of the particularly cool features that I’ve encountered thus far…

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It’s Official

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You can now go to, purchase, and download movies or TV shows…but only if you have Microsoft Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and you live in the United States.

Now, help me understand the point of this. The motion picture industry supposedly wants to make legal downloads attractive to current illegal torrent downloaders, yet they seemed to have missed the mark yet again.

We don’t need another Windows/US-only download site. Plenty already exist (Movielink and CinemaNow for movies, and Google Video for TV shows, among others). What would have been revolutionary would be a multiplatform downloading system with open standards (oh wait, isn’t that what Bittorrent is supposed to be?).

So, anyway, people who live in Malaysia and want to see the latest episode of Stargate SG-1 can still use Bittorrent to download it…for free.


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StepManiaStepMania has infected our house. We all have the bug, even 3-year-old Zahra. We ordered two dance pads, which took forever to get here (that’s another story), and we got them yesterday.

For those of you who don’t know…by the way, if you think dancing and music are haram, please don’t bother commenting on my blog about it. I’m already aware of the various scholarly rulings on this subject. Obviously, if I’m blogging about it, I’ve adopted a ruling that allows it…

Ahem, for those of you who don’t know, StepMania is a free software clone of the ever-popular Dance Dance Revolution. It works for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Xbox, and it works with almost any dance pad on the market.

It is super fun and great exercise, and, best of all, it’s free. You can download it here. Of course, unless you want to use your keyboard, you’ll need a dance pad.