Phonon Issues

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Amarok 2.0.2 was recently released, and I am happy to say that, unlike the few naysayers, I believe it is a fantastic product that will propel KDE to the next level.  I would not go back to Amarok 1.4.

Now that I have made that clear, I can freely discuss the problems I am currently having with it.  The phonon Xine backend has never worked with Alsa on my computer.  It simply produces no sound.  The Gstreamer backend worked with KDE 4.1 and 4.2.  With KDE 4.2.1, the Gstreamer backend ceased functioning.  I do not know if this is a local Kubuntu issue or a KDE-wide one, but it is a serious problem.  In order to get sound back into Amarok, I had to enable the Xine backend and then use Pulseaudio.

There is an Ubuntu forums thread here.  If anyone has any suggestions regarding this, please leave a comment.  I will post a bug report soon.

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