Solar Powered Bikinis

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I was reading an article today about an MIT project to create solar powered textiles. One idea they’ve developed is solar powered curtains. But it got me thinking. The other day I saw a solar powered bra (yeah, like that’s practical). Wouldn’t it be more useful to have solar powered clothing you wear on the outside?

Imagine going to the beach in a solar powered swimsuit. (Obviously you’d want to avoid diving into the water with your electric power pack on — but still). You spend the day there absorbing the sunlight, which is collected into your stylish power pack.

When you’re finished, you have two options:

1) Go home and deposit your power into your personal home “power cube”.

2) Before leaving the beach you stop at the “power exchange machine”. You attach your power pack to the machine, which extracts the energy. It then pays you for the amount of energy deposited in cash (or more likely change).

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