Spotify for Linux but not for Me

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Wall-E sad

Yes, I do use Linux, but I cannot use Spotify, despite the fact that the company just released a Linux version of its awesome music software.  With their P2P technology, users can share their music, create customizable playlists, and do all sorts of other cool things, as long as they are not in the U.S.

Spotify is still trying to work out “licensing” agreements with the recording industry in the U.S. (good luck with that).  How odd it would be if the music companies actually allowed legal P2P file sharing of their music.  It would certainly limit piracy, and they would still get paid.

Anyway, if you live anywhere from sea to shining sea, don’t hold your breath.  I suspect that Spotify may never reach a deal here in the U.S.

Nevertheless, those Linux users in other countries, enjoy your new toy.

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