5 Promising Linux Apps Worth Trying

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Linux is the free and open source kernel that powers numerous operating systems (or distributions) that users can freely download, install, remix, share, and even sell. Linux is all about freedom, but it also has the benefit of often being free of charge as well.

Because of its free nature, there are thousands of free and open source applications for Linux. Some of them come and go quite quickly, while others are stable and even among the most widely used software applications in the world (such as Mozilla Firefox). The following are five Linux apps that are still relatively young but that show the signs of being tools Linux users will love and continue to use for some time.


3 Must-Have Apps for Any Linux OS, And My Preferences

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Kate text editor for KDE

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different GNU/Linux distributions available right now. They are all different in terms of used kernel versions, desktop environments, window managers and set of applications. But all of them have something in common. Whatever OS you use, you must have following three types of applications.

Luckily, most Linux distributions include these applications by default, but you also should know the options.


My Book, The Golden Scrolls, on the Kindle

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This post is a shameless self promotion. In case you did not know I wrote fiction, my book, The Golden Scrolls, is available on the Kindle for only $2.99. Even if you do not have a Kindle device, you can read it using a Kindle app on your phone, on your PC, or even in a web browser with the Kindle Cloud Reader. You can also borrow my book through the Kindle’s lending library for FREE.


7 Ways to Launch Programs in KDE

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One of the most basic and important things you will ever do with your computer is launch programs. Typically, operating systems have one or two methods for achieving this, such as opening a menu (Windows) or folder (Mac OS X), or by clicking an icon on your panel, dock, or desktop.

KDE lineart logo

KDE is a desktop environment that runs on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Linux is a versatile OS that runs on servers, such as those offered by server host 34SP.com, desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, and other devices. With KDE there are several ways to launch programs, and we will highlight seven of those in this article.


New Google Goodies: Web Store and Chrome OS

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Google Chrome Web Store

Yesterday, Google once again impressed its captive audience at the Google Chrome live event. Google is making the Chrome browser faster, easier to use, and more integrated with the user’s system with each new release.

Among the new features will be hardware acceleration that will allow Chrome to tap into the GPU, something that will certainly come in handy when YouTube is streaming all of their HTML5 video content in HD. But the possibilities certainly do not end there. Anything online, including games, could leverage the power of a GPU integrated browser.


5 Intriguing KDE Apps

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Powered by KDEThe beauty of an open development platform is that anyone can take a stab at creating an application. KDE, which is built upon the Qt application and UI framework, is a shining example of this. A quick look at KDE-Apps.org reveals that new apps are added daily. I periodically browse through the latest KDE apps to see if anything stands out, and I found these five, some of which are in early development.

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