Will Charging Readers for Access Save Newspapers?

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If TavisOnline.com started charging readers to view content on this site, would any of you loyal readers still visit?  Many readers would likely just move on to another free news source.  That reality raises another question.  If a major newspaper such as the New York times decided to charge readers for online content, would their readers pay?

The lesson I learned even in high school Journalism class was that advertisements keep newspapers running, not paper sales.  Nevertheless, most print publications still charge a small fee, and the NY Times is apparently not raking in enough money in online advertising to cover their decline in print ad revenue.

When Wikipedia Displays the FBI Seal…

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…the terrorists win.

Wikipedia displaying the FBI seal

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation has demanded that Wikipedia stop using the FBI seal in articles on the online encyclopedia, or face possible legal action.

According to a letter dated July 28, FBI lawyer David C. Larson said the site is using the seal without permission from the director of the agency, as required by law. Larson sent the letter to the Wikimedia Foundation, which owns the site.”

Source: Information Week