Argh! Pirates Going to Jail

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It looks like the three men held responsible for The Pirate Bay torrent file sharing site are going to prison.  A Sweedish court of appeals upheld the judgement against them, which includes a $6.7 million judgement (as if those men really can afford to pay it) and a sentence of  one year in prison.

On the plus side, their sentences were reduced to a few months.  Nevertheless, organizations like the RIAA and the MPAA will see this as a victory, but in case you haven’t been keeping score, The Pirate Bay website is still operational, and people are still downloading millions of illegally shared music and movie files.

At any rate, all this really means is that the pirates are going to teach all those other criminals in prison how to get free movies in their cells.  Looks like the real winners are the inmates, who finally get to catch up on episodes of Desperate Housewives.

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Study: Only 0.3% of BitTorrent Files Are Legal

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A new study by the University of Ballarat in Australia has confirmed what the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have been telling us all along, that nearly all of the content being shared through the BitTorrent protocol is illegal copyrighted material.

The study looked at 23 torrent trackers (services that provide torrent clients with the information necessary to connect to peers and download chunks of the files). From those trackers, they sampled 1,000 files, chosen “randomly” from the most actively seeded files (seeing a problem with this yet?).

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News Corp wants to ruin our lives

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Burn Notice on

Four weeks after Ruper Murdoch tried to kill our fun by announcing that many of the newspapers you (not I) read will soon charge for access to certain online content, his new attack dog (a.k.a. chief digital officer), Jonathan Miller, claims that Hulu will start charging for content as well.

Forget the fact that Miller’s company is only a partial owner of Hulu, along with NBC and Disney, but let us just stop and think for a moment. What was it that attracted people to Hulu in the first place? I will give you a few minutes to think about it.

Give up? It is free! And I use the term loosely since their content still contains advertisements. For those people who had not already ignored Hulu and reconnected their BitTorrent clients, Miller might as well be Hulu’s messenger of death. No silly, people will not pay for your content when they can get it elsewhere for free.

I am beginning to wonder if News Corp and the cable companies are not all in league together in a final desperate attempt to ruin our lives. Nice try. Instead of trying to exploit people to make themselves rich, they should try working for a living like normal human beings. Then again, we all know they are aliens. They told us on national TV.