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Portal 2 (Beta) Now on Steam for Linux (SteamOS)

Yes, the title is correct. Portal 2 (Beta) is now available on Steam for Linux and presumably available for all of the SteamOS beta testers, though one of them will have to confirm that for us. I started playing Portal

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Papers, Please Now On Linux

The addictive eastern European checkpoint attendant and click game that so many people seem to like is now available on Linux via Steam and other channels. Yes, Papers, Please is also on sale. It’s retro and filled with umm, immigrants.

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Linux Game Preview: Tomes of Mephistopheles (Alpha)

Indie game developers are becoming much more receptive to Linux users, and Kot-In-Action has become a household name with its action-packed Steel Storm games. Moreover, the introduction of a Linux client for Desura has made it much easier for game

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Skullgirls: One Very Weird Game

This new fighting game called Skullgirls is about as weird as a fighting game can get. If Street Fighter could take LSD, this is what the hallucination would look like.   Yes, that I means I’m going to download it.

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Sun Blast Game Review (On Linux)

The makers of the game Sun Blast sent me a copy of their game for review, and I was very impressed.  It is integrated well within Linux and worked without any additional configuration.  Best of all, it has the ability

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Duke Nukem Lives?

This is not the blog post I ever expected to be writing, unless it was for satirical purposes only.  Nevertheless, here we are, once again pondering the possible release of Duke Nukem Forever. For over a decade, DNF (which, in

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