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Browser Wars, My Own Observations

On a given day, I may use three different browsers for various reasons.  Sometimes one browser just gets the job done better than another.  Having said that, the following results are only from one test (SunSpider), on one computer (mine),

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Netbook Microphone Issues

Ever since I bought my Asus EeePC 1201n about a year ago, I’ve had trouble with the microphone.  With Kubuntu 10.04, I had to chop up Alsa to get it working properly, and even then, it stopped working again after

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A Preview of KDE 4.5

KDE 4.5 should be released this week.  This is my preview of the latest software compilation of the free and open source desktop environment. When KDE 4.0 was released, it was clear that it was not finished and not ready

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