3 Must-Have Apps for Any Linux OS, And My Preferences

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Kate text editor for KDE

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different GNU/Linux distributions available right now. They are all different in terms of used kernel versions, desktop environments, window managers and set of applications. But all of them have something in common. Whatever OS you use, you must have following three types of applications.

Luckily, most Linux distributions include these applications by default, but you also should know the options.


Linux and the Dual Monitor Dilemma

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My old desktop from 2009
My old dual-screen desktop from 2009

This has been an ongoing issue for me.  Not all Linux desktop environments respond the same to dual monitor hardware configurations, and not all of them function well when it involves a laptop.

For years I have favored KDE’s desktop workspace, partially because of its superior set of options for dual monitors.  You can set the primary monitor, tell KDE to follow the mouse when starting an app so that it opens on the right screen, and even configure separate desktops and widgets for each screen.