“The Planet” is holding my domain hostage

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My domain name, lanterntorch.org, was originally registered under the now defunct EV1.net.  They merged with The Planet.  I carelessly allowed my domain to expire, but with any other registrar, fixing such a mistake is simple.  Registrars hold onto a domain for quite some time after it has expired, giving the owner time to re-register.  That prevents domain-snatching companies from slurping up the mistakenly expired domains.

The Planet still has the domain listed under my name, but when I try to login to their registration site, it takes me to a search page.  I contacted them for help, and the support supervisor, Aamir Abdullah (it’s really a shame if he’s Muslim), said (and I quote), “the fact that you were redirected disturbs me.”

Yeah, buddy, I’d say so.  But here’s what disturbs me: He went on to say, “Would you like to renew? The cost is $106.49.”

What the flip!  It seems The Planet has found a new way to make money.  They’re running their own little extortion ring.  Yes, that is disturbing, brother Aamir.  This is the company that owns my server, so they might very well shut it down tonight.  Nevertheless, I did my part.  I sent the world fair warning to stay away from a company trying to make some extra change exploiting people.

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