Water-powered car

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With the cost of gasoline being what it is, shouldn’t a water-powered car be on the front page of every news source?

“I get 100 miles to the ounce on water. I can run any water, distilled water, drinking water, tap water,” said Brown.

The self-proclaimed inventor said he has almost done the job and has fixed his car to run mostly on water, Firstcoastnews.com reported.

“Right now it’s using a little bit of gas. If anything it’s getting a fuel vapor. I’ve got the fuel injection system shut down,” said Brown.

“When you separate the water from the oxygen from the hydrogen, it cooks and it cooks down to a brown color. We’re not having any waste product off of it. Everything is consumed and burned,” he explained.

Brown said the invention would be complete within the next few months and the profits would be used to help missionaries around the world.

First Coast News, Jacksonville
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