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The other day I noticed that my weather widgets on my Nokia n800 and my KDE desktop at my library no longer work. As far as I know, they all connected to So, did they do something to their site to call all these weather widgets to break? I’m sure the one on my Freevo box is broken as well, although I haven’t checked. This is undoubtedly the biggest problem with resting the successful functionality of your applications on commercial companies.

Update: It seems Liquid weather for Superkaramba also supports Accuweather, as does the Mac OS X widget, but that still involves dependence on a particular organization.

  1. Scott McNair

    Apparently changed their query string around, and added a little piece that MUST be present… you now have to have “&link=xoap” in your URL. If you don’t, it gives a bad query error. I just had four sites break because of this.

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